Little India Close to Farrer Park MRT Station

Little India is One of Singapore’s famous tourist attractions which occupies the short stretch of Serangoon Road in the western side of the island state. Due to the fun and energizing activities it provides, it has become a preserved historical place yet maintaining its lively and authentic spirit.

One discernible mood of this area is its lively buzz unlike the different attractions in the country. If your visit is timely for the festival, you will likely to feel the vibrant and the energetic need of this Little India. This area is colorful as well. You will see this on their billboards, paints of the structures with no color coordination and other different sceneries you can find in this place are the abundance of colors.

Little India Close to Farrer Park MRT Station

You will also have that indicator to realize that you are in the place. There is that certain scent in the air which is a mix of perfumes, incense, and flavors that may appear to be overwhelming to the nose for first-time guests. Another special feature of the place is the sound of the Bollywood tunes that resounds in the whole place since most of the time the music is played in full blast. For a few, it might be disturbing but, in the end, it will add to the feel of the place that you are in Singapore’s Little India.

Since Little India covers a couple of squares of the Serangoon Road, it is easily explored by foot. Prepare for this walk and make sure to prepare your strong shoes. Make your first stop at the Little India Arcade where you can get various handicraft items. If are interested in purchasing traditional Indian merchandise such as saris, incense and Bollywood flicks you need to head on to Buffalo road.

Various Spice Stores at Little India

On this stretch, you will get various spice stores. Next to these stores is a goldsmith’s store where you can purchase gold pieces of jewelry which are well designed according to Indian tastes. This is a decent gift that one can get when he/she visits Little India. One excellent thing also, you can haggle over the costs. There are shops that offer traditional Indian attire. If this one interests you, then you can get one and becomes part of your collections. For more traditional stores, Hillhaven Condo you can take a slight bypass to the Campbell Road.

Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Little India

Enter the Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple, a North Indian styled area of worship which is mostly loaded with clamoring activities and hosts Hindu weddings. It would also be decent if you happen to stop and see the real ceremonies and individuals who normally don’t mind you entering the place to watch. The Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is a case of South Indian temple design and the Little India’s oldest.

Little India is a decent shopping area and equally fascinating as this place fills your appetite with delicious foods. If you need to have a taste of real Indian food, you will certainly come to this perfect place. There are various restaurants that will make your gastronomic experience really unparalleled as you attempt Indian cooking. The excellent time to visit Little India is in the morning before the pace is crowded.