Low Keng Huat Singapore Limited Real Estate Developer Perumal Road Condo

Low Keng Huat was a brain child of Low Keng Huat and brothers birthed in 1969. It started out as a building construction company sustained by a capital outlay of $150,000. LKHS has since grown into a conglomerate with about 33 subsidiaries and 12 associates. Its core businesses are in the areas of property development, construction cum civil engineering as well as property investment. This construction giant has contributed immensely to the high-rising skyline of fast growing Singaporean cities. Low Keng Huat currently operates four major business units and these include construction, hotels, food and beverages, and property development.

Low Keng Huat Real Estate Developer Projects in Singapore

As a construction giant in the build industry in Singapore, LKHS has been responsible for many notable national and commercial projects. One of such popular projects was the resuscitation of CHIJMES heritage monument which has now become an entertainment and dining destination of choice to locals as well as tourists. Some of its other major construction projects are the Monetary Authority of Singapore Building, the New Tech Park, the Singapore Post Centre, and the Marina Towers in Beirut To mention but a few.

Low Keng Huat Singapore Limited in Hotel Business as well as Other Countries

Low Keng Huat also runs a line of hotel businesses. For instance, Duxton Hotels International is one of its subsidiaries and it also oversees a deluxe group of hotels coupled with properties in Saigon, Vietnam and Perth in Australia. These hotels combine outstanding facilities and exceptional customer service to ensure satisfying and memorable experience for all visitors. LKHS ensures that all Duxton Hotels provide the convenience of a prime location in the central business district, in order for customers to have easy access to the main sightseeing, shopping and entertainment areas.

Low Keng Huat in the Food and Beverage Industry

LKHS also has substantial stake in the food and beverage industry. It owns a majority of shares and power in Starworth, which is a food and beverage group that handles a wide range of differentiated concepts. This outfit boasts of modern venues and a dedicated team of chefs and service staff that are capable of making a success story out of any event be it corporate event, glamorous commercial launch or a private party.

Furthermore Low Keng Huat has engaged in many property developments across Singapore. Some of its well known projects in this category are Twin Regency located at Kim Tian Road, Eden at Tampines, One-North Residences at one-north gate, Duchess Residences at Duchess Avenue and South Bank at North Bridge Road.

This company has received several awards on the completion of many projects. For example, the $120m MAS Building was given the Certificate of Merit by the CIDB in 1987 and the Islamic Centre of Singapore in 1991 got award for Construction Excellence. Overall, LKHS was ranked as the top local construction company in 1990, in terms of capital deployment by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).