Serangoon Town Close to Little India

The establishment and development of Serangoon. The history of Serangoon has a lot to speak about the land that what people experience there today. The area around Serangoon has one of the most humble history as the place was only know as a vegetable garden for the Chinese. The first occupants of the land who were Indian traders looking for market finally called Serangoon their home and is today referred to as little India. Uptown @ Farrer condo by Low Keng Huat Construction is located near at Serangoon Road close to Little India

Serangoon Town Close to Little India

In the past nobody knew any good thing could come out of the place and was majorly an isolated land with little hope. It was more or a farm than an area oriented for development and had some jackfruit trees which majorly covered the place. In 1826, the land was majorly occupied by Indians who were working in the industries around Serangoon that were dealing with cattle after they settled in the land.

Major Changes at Serangoon Town

Some major changes were seen in the 1860-1936 when the municipality took control of the development of the land and eliminated the cattle sheds setting it under new planning. The earlier occupants of the land who were Indians now had a better ways to settle in the land and they simply took over the control of Serangoon. Major roads started developing around Serangoon and the economic position changed when it became more of a town that a farm. In the period 1984 to 1989, the Serangoon Central started witnessing major flats being built including the in neighborhood.

Today the area around Serangoon Town is iconic with the place being one of the best development and surrounding. The area is now referred to as the planning area with great residential development and now stands as one of the most attractive places in North East of Singapore.

Connection of Serangoon Town to other Towns in Singapore

The connection from Serangoon Town to other major towns has now open up with transport made very easy for those planning to visit the place. Serangoon can now stand and depend on its own since it has developed in almost all the sectors and is established with its own schools and colleges.

Just as the names suggests, Serangoon today stands out as one of the best planned towns in Singapore. Today the Indians who stay in the land are seen as a great community and in 1987, they took great part in the celebration of the ceremony to concrete the new temple. The fact that they were traders also boosted the development of the region and other establishment that Serangoon has witnessed up to date.