Mustafa Centre Farrer Park Serangoon

Mustafa Centre is a Singaporean 24-hour shopping mall that you can find in the cultural District of Little India. It is widely known as a retail hub which attracts many Shoppers with its wide variety of products and services. It first started out as a 900 square feet shop which was a small rental and usually only sold electronic items back in 1973 then a second shop was rented besides the first shop with more products with most of the goods being imported from overseas to give customers a wider selection of goods.

Mustafa Centre Located at Little India Serangoon

The variety of items chosen were usually surveyed and based upon customers requests. In 1985, the founder, Mr. Mohamed Mustafa went and ahead and rented a huge 40,000 square feet of a building, which fortunately invited immediate success and more space was rented in order to accommodate the growing popularity of the store. Then in 1995, Mustafa Centre easily became a shopping paradise towards many people and now invites over 15,000 customers from all over the world due to its rising popularity. Mustafa Centre is located near to Uptown at Farrer Park and Serangoon and is located near to Perumal Road

Crowds of Mustafa Centre at Farrer Park and Serangoon

With its big exposures and TV program such as “Money Mind’ and “Money Week” and local reports in newspapers, the crowds continue to come to the store and became a popular meeting point for families and friends during the weekends and on holidays. Now that it has a wider range of services with around 300,000 items can be seen on display between the four levels or floors within a 6-story building. Other than providing and selling products, this huge building also provides many services from foreign money exchange, travel agencies, and a hotel in order to contribute success to the growth of the business. It also has air travel, restaurants, and a special well-known cafe that sell kebabs and curries. The cafe is also the highlight restaurant at the center and sells just like the name, Kebabs �n’ Curries’ imply, kebabs and curries near to Mustafa Centre Little India. It also sells Asian dishes from 5 pm till 2 pm.

Services Offered at Mustafa Centre

With a wide range of services, the center also sells a variety of products and functions also as a supermarket which offers a valuable piece of retailing jewelry and household appliance along with books, DVD, watches, toys, and clothing which caters to a market within the budget. Because of how convenient and cheap it is amongst most stores in the block along with a wide range of selection in a single building, it is no wonder why it is still a top destination to shop for families and many tourists from around the world.