North East MRT Line Little India and Punggol

The North East Mass Rapid Transit Line is the third line to be operational in the Singapore MRT system, and the first ever line in the world to be fully automated. Being the harbinger of innovation, this 20km driverless underground train line operates from HarbourFront in the South-West to Punggol in the North-East. Connecting central Singapore to either side of the island, this is a busy route, passing through chief commercial and historical places such as Chinatown, Clarke Quay and Dhoby Ghaut, passing on to Little India and covering urban residential areas such as Serangoon and Hougang. The North East Line passes though the new development Uptown @ Farrer Park which is a new development by Low Keng Huat Perumal Road.

North East Line MRT Passing Through Little India and Punggol

The frequency varies between two-three minute intervals during peak hours on weekdays, and at non-peak hours it could be four-five minutes, whereas on weekends it still averages at three-and-a-half to five minute intervals. Owing to the increase in passenger traffic, the government announces more cars and thereby trains to be added to the existing fleet, making public transport extensively available, hassle-free, and commuter-friendly. Please also see the kitchen renovations that can be done for your home. There are also options to keep you home green and also do it yourself ways for the renovation.

Automated Driverless Line at North East Line

Being an entirely automated line, the North East Line (NEL) is built with Communications-based train control from Alstom, which communicates with MASTRIA, Alstom’s multimodal traffic orchestrating system, equipped with Automatic Train Control (ATC) and Automatic Train Operation (ATO) subsystems. These ensure faster and smarter mobility, made with precise in-depth scheduling, and will be able to read and respond to real-time data, leading to high-efficiency, and low downtime. These automated communication systems respond with each stations’ signal equipment room. Passengers’ safety has always been paramount and with Automatic Platform Screen doors in place, it has been made them extremely protective from incoming and outgoing trains.

North East Purple Line

The purple line MRTS serves as a lifeline to the busy commuters who use the line to commute to and from places of historical significance, connecting heritage sites to urban areas, including parts of downtown. This ambitious project was first sanctioned in 1986, with various additions and modifications being made to the project over the years. Built at an initial cost of $4.6 Billion, it is the commuter’s favorite, ferrying them across 16 major stations, and saving them enormous time from Singapore’s roads filled with traffic and bustle.

The Art in Transit program is a major hit in Singapore, commissioning and featuring stellar artists who display their works of art, under the urban landscape of the stations. Adding to the legacy of the intricate and fantastic work in the City Hall and Raffles Place stations, the North East Line was integrated with the Art in Transit program, rendering all 16 stations artful, sophisticated, and full of life.