Mustafa Centre at Farrer Park MRT Station

Mustafa Centre is a shopping centre located in ‘Little India’ part of Singapore. It provides a great market style shopping adventure to all its visitors. It is designed with numerous units selling various products ranging from textiles to electronics and supermarkets, all under one roof.

Products Found at Mustafa Centre

One of the reasons why Mustafa Centre is an outstanding retailer is that the items sold here are relatively lower compared to other shops. On top of this, there is a collection of Indian and other Asians which makes the market to be featured with a wide range of goods and products such as the sari, ticket solutions and food produce. Some of the product available at Mustafa Centre include:

1. Food

The Mustafa Cafe located in Mustafa Centre offers a myriad way of selection of delicious Indian origin food on the menu. Ranging from both North and South vegetarian and beef dishes, you will also benefit from a free poppadum and mind dip which are served with every Kingfisher beer.

The market is also rich in sweets and snacks from various parts of the world. You will get items like date-filled cookies from the UAE and Malaysian durian cake.

2. Textiles Tailoring Services

You don’t need to worry about where to get your dream materials. This market provides quality materials and saris. You will find Indian ethnic wear of all age. Besides, you will also have a great experience selecting from the modern catch on traditional Chinese outfits.

3. Visa Services

Mustafa Centre also facilitates visa applications for various destinations including Dubai, China, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia. Applicants must be holding Singapore permanent resident status, work permit and employment pass of the other nationalities

4. Entertainment

Mustafa Centres offers various modern high-class entertainment items.

Benefits of Shopping from Mustafa Centre

1. Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours 7 days a week.
2. The market provides a wide range of goods giving you a great platform for doing your selection.
3. Moneychanger has the best rates and is open 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about your currency price.
4. The market has also best available price in Singapore.

Where to Find Products

It can be challenging to locate and find stuff at Mustafa Centre especially if you are a new visitor. Bellow is a quick guide that will help you find common products without hassle.

Level-1: Jewellery, Electronic Goods Health and Beauty

This level consists of items like gold, mobile phones, gadgets, watches and all handheld accessories. You can also shop medical equipment, perfumes, cosmetics and sunglasses in this store.

Level-2: Food and House Hold Stuff

You can shop all types of food from this level. From dried food, grains to all Indian authentic spices and herbs. You will also find household stuff and kid clothes along with baby items here.

Level-3: Interior Equipments

Level 3 stores offer interior equipment including bed sheets, kitchenware and decorating stuff.

Level-4: Hardware and Stationary

Find books, stationery, furniture and other hardware stuff from this area.

Basement 1 & 2: Textile and All Fashions.

These stores are the home for various collections of fashion, from menswear to women wear, office to casual wear, bags, shoes and other accessories.

What You Need to Know Before Shopping at Mustafa Centre

1. The market is very crowded on the weekends so it’s vital to be keen with your stuff.
2. Mustafa Centre has a fixed price policy so expect no bargaining while shopping.

Mustafa Centre Shopping Tips

1. Consider doing your shopping early in the morning to avoid crowds.
2. If you large bags with you, be ready to be checked at the door.
3. Since the market is very crowded, prefer to use entrance and exits as a meeting point with your companions because they are numbered.