City Square Mall Near to Farrer Park MRT Station

City square mall is an upscale regional shopping center located in Serangoon and Kitchener roads in Singapore. City square mall is a friendly mall for families and home for all entertainments, sports events and for many retailers too. The mall caters to the good lifestyle of all people. City square mall is one of the best places to visit and shop while in Singapore.

City Square Mall features very many shops, luxurious furniture, guest houses, and landscapes. There are full-service restaurants near the mall with a rich menu that would please any food lover who goes shopping some being zooba and bistro among others. Best restaurants are everything one needs in one convenient shopping center around the City Square Mall. The restaurants offer very pleasing breakfast, best lunch varieties, take away or sit in dinners, and sweets which are fresh from the bakery, not refreshing drinks from coffee for every customer.

City Square Mall Popular Shopping Mall in Singapore

City shopping mall has stood the test of time and is still one of the most popular shopping centers in Singapore. The nightlife in city Square is great as there are music and beer, and wines and spirits sold at the affordable price compared to the rest of the malls. The Mall has attracted other businesses on its surrounding such as the ice plant and market stalls in return for bringing development to the community nearby. City Square Mall is located near to Farrer Park MRT Station and Perumal Road

City Square Mall Near to Perumal Road

Ther are quite many special features and promotions with amazing deals in City square mall. They ensure the clients enjoy special savings and stand a chance to win various gifts some of the other services offered by the Capital square mall are aftersales services, whereby customers don’t need to be stranded on how they will transport their valuable products to their destinations. The warranty repair service is provided from when the period of warranty begins. This ensures the customers from city square mall get goods which are worth.

City Square Mall Near to Farrer Park MRT Station

While shopping around the City square mall you enjoy free internet services and browsing become easy or any other internet service. The kind of service ensures the clients search a lot of information about certain information in the City square mall, websites in order to make decisions about the varieties on display.

The mall offers customer good relations whereby there is the interaction between customers and people working there. Customers care services are provided. Anyone can ask any question about the product and any other service you may inquire. The customer cares desk is always on point from 10 am to 10 pm on a daily basis since the main objective is to satisfy and meet customer needs.

In conclusion, the City square mall is the best place to shop. The parking slots are provided and form of payments in accepted may it be cash, cheque and other mobile banking services. The mall is integrated with more than forty-nine thousand sq ft hence it’s spacious and no congestion experienced. Have a travel and acquire the best and affordable goods and services in the CIty square mall. Don’t be left out greater deals are out in CIty square mall.